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Terms & Conditions of Service:

General Terms


We strive to refurbish all wheels to the highest possible standard. However, on a rare occasion, it may not be possible to obtain our usual like-new standard of finish - due to unforeseen problems and/or problems outwith our control, such as (but not limited to):
  • poor casting
  • excessive corrosion
  • hidden damage
  • previous repairs that have been poorly executed
These problems are sometimes only apparent when the old finish has been removed. In such cases, we will contact the customer to discuss options before continuing any work on the wheel(s). Please also note that certain finishes, such as "Chrome Silver" and "Mirror Chrome", more readily show corrosion and imperfections. 
While, in these circumstances, it may not be possible to obtain our usual like-new standard of finish, please do bear in mind the high quality of work that is still carried out and at a fraction of the cost of new wheels.
We always carry out refurbishment to the best possible standard and therefore cannot be held responsible for any imperfections that are a result of any of the issues mentioned above, which are beyond our control or remit. 


We reserve the right to refuse the commencement or completion of any wheel repairs, welding or refurbishment works if we deem a wheel to be unsafe. It should also be noted that badly damaged wheels may never perform as well as they originally did, even when they can be safely repaired - for instance, wheels that have been cracked will never be a strong as they were prior to being damaged, regardless of the quality of any welding work.    


We reserve the right to refuse to lift any vehicles with missing, altered or damaged jack points, vehicles which have been lowered or any vehicles which would otherwise be unsafe to lift. 


Carrick Alloys will not be held liable for any damage to wheel studs, nuts, bolts, TPMS sensors or TPMS valves during correct and careful removal or refitting of wheels or tyres. All of these items corrode and perish over time and can therefore fail at any time, regardless of our careful handling. Other factors which can accelerate the failure of these items include: 
  • incorrectly maintained or modified wheels, wheel bolts, locking nuts, studs, valves or TPMS sensors;
  • prior incorrect removal or fitting of wheels, tyres, wheel studs, nuts, bolts, locking nuts, TPMS sensors or TPMS valves;
  • manufacturing flaws.


Carrick Alloys will not be held liable for any vehicle failures or malfunctions which occur on our premises, under our proper and careful use of said vehicle, whether the failure is battery-related, electrical or mechanical. Failures or malfunctions, outwith our control or remit, can be caused by a number of factors, including but not limited to: 
  • general wear and tear;
  • old age - either the full vehicle or specific vehicle parts;
  • improper vehicle servicing or maintenance;
  • modifications carried out on the vehicle;
  • manufacturing flaws - either the full vehicle or specific vehicle parts;
  • improper past use of the vehicle.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that their vehicle is in a good, reliable and roadworthy condition at all times. 


Over time, wheel nuts undergo the typical stresses and forces of a car in daily use. These stresses can sometimes result in tightening or loosening of the wheel nuts. Following wheel removal and refitting, wheel nuts are more susceptible to slight shifts in their seating. One such reason for this is the presence of dirt, sand, rust or grit between surfaces such as the threads of the nut or between a nut and the wheel during refitting. This can create “false torques” during the fitting process, where the force applied overcomes the friction but doesn’t translate into clamping force.

Wheel nuts should therefore be checked 30 miles/50 km or 24 hours (whichever comes first), following your wheel repair or refurbishment booking. 

We offer one free wheel nuts check and re-torquing, to all customers, from the day following the repairs or refurbishment booking date.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that wheel nut torque is checked by ourselves or another competent individual, within the recommended timeframe. 

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Warranty Ts&Cs


We provide a 12 month guarantee on all of our powder coating finishes. In the unlikely event of any defects in our work we will rectify the issue without any cost to you. This guarantee covers the full powder coating refurbishment finish, as well as the powder coating base coat and lacquer on wheels that have undergone diamond cut refurbishment. 
This guarantee excludes damage caused by the customer (i.e. kerbing wheels), any third party (i.e. poor wheel and/or tyre removal/fitting by a garage), the use of knock-on wheel weights, poor road conditions (i.e. stones, debris, potholes, etc.) and damage caused by inappropriate cleaning methods, products and/or corrosive cleaners. The guarantee also excludes any corrosion that occurs as a result of any damage, and excludes any filiform corrosion that appears in diamond cut wheels, howsoever caused.


Due to the very demanding care requirements for polished wheels, no guarantee or warranty is offered on ceramic polishing finishes. 


As any subsequent impacts can cause new damage to wheels, no guarantee is offered on repairs or welding. 

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