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Powder Coating Gun
Ryanair Blue Sparkle powder coated wheel
Gloss Silver Sparkle powder coated split rim wheel
Dark Anthracite powder coated Mitsubishi Evo wheel
High Gloss Black powder coated SEAT wheel
Chrome Silver powder coated Aston Martin wheel


Powder coating is a very durable coating that gives an attractive yet hard-wearing finish.

The least time-intensive of our three full refurbishment service types, jack-up powder coating refurb bookings can typically be completed on a same-day basis (please see our FAQ page for more details and exceptions).

Using an electrostatic process, the powder coating is applied as a dry, free flowing powder. It is then cured in an oven, allowing the powder to flow and form a hard, durable coating. If not mistreated or otherwise damaged, the powder coating will not chip or flake – unlike regular paint. 


The Powder Coating Refurb Process

Step 2  

Tyres, centre caps, balance weights, valves and TPMS sensors (if applicable) are removed from the wheels. 

Step 3  

Current paintwork/finish, all dirt and grime stripped from the wheels via chemical dipping.

Step 4  

Wheels are shot blasted to further clean them and to prepare the surface of the wheels.

Step 5  

Any structural wheel repairs (if required) are carried out - i.e. wheel straightening/dent removal, welding of cracks and gouges etc. 

Step 6  

Kerb damage (if any) is removed from the wheels and final surface preparation is carried out.  

Step 7  

Wheels are pre-heated and a powder primer is then applied. 

Step 8  

Base coat colour applied to wheels and then cured.

Step 9  

Powder coat lacquer applied to wheels and then cured (unless one of our extremely hard-wearing single-coat base coat colours is chosen). 

Step 10  

Once cured, the wheels are left to cool down before further handling.

Step 11  

Valves, TPMS sensors (if applicable) and tyres fitted to the refurbished wheels.

The wheels are then balanced.

Step 12  

The refurbished wheels are finally fitted back onto the vehicle and centre caps are re-fitted.  

Step 1  

Wheels are removed from the vehicle.

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