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Ford wheel with plastic inserts
Plastic Centre Cap
Plastic Wheel Insert
Roll-over wheel for info...


Over the last few years, plastic inserts have become an increasingly more common feature in modern wheels. 

They have allowed vehicle manufacturers to exude further creativity in their wheel designs, resulting in some truly unique-looking wheels. When paired with a diamond cut wheel finish, for instance, they can give a wheel an impressive tri-colour appearance. 

As plastic cannot be manipulated in the same way as a metal alloy wheel, however, plastic inserts cannot be truly repaired or refurbished. If a plastic insert is damaged it therefore must be replaced - as with plastic centre caps.

If you have any damaged plastic inserts, or damaged plastic centre caps, simply bring new replacements* with you to your wheel repair or refurbishment booking and we will fit the replacements upon completion of your wheel works - provided that any bolts, mounting lugs, etc have not also been damaged beyond use. 

*New inserts and centre caps should be available to purchase from your vehicle make dealership, from a vehicle spare parts retailer or possibly online from the likes of eBay.


  BMW Wheel Example  

  Audi Wheel Example  

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