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Please note: We only provide the following products and services for wheels that are booked in with us - either for repair, welding or refurbishment 

Wheel Bolt Extraction & Removal
Tyre Disposal & Recycling
Replacement TPMS Valves

Wheel bolts can become difficult, or even impossible, to remove conventionally when sheared, rounded or otherwise damaged. 

Locking wheel bolts can also be impossible to remove conventionally if the locking wheel nut key is lost and a matching replacement cannot be sourced. 

In either case, we can provide a bolt extraction service to remove any troublesome bolts.


As tyres cannot legally be disposed of in your household waste bins, or at landfill, they can be a hassle to dispose of correctly. For a small charge, we can dispose of your old tyres. Hassle free!

As we carefully select an appropriately registered and accredited tyre waste management company, all tyres are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner - with most tyres being recycled or re-purposed.


Nowadays, there is a variety of tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) valves. Some can be removed and re-fitted repeatedly, before requiring replacement. Others typically require replacement the first time they are detached from the TPMS sensor and removed from the tyre. 

We can provide replacement TPMS valves, subject to stock availability at the time of your booking.


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