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Large Wheel Dent
Alloy Wheel Dent Repair & Straightening
Broken Off Alloy Wheel Piece
Welded & Repaired Alloy Wheel
Cracked Alloy Wheel
Welded Alloy Wheel Crack
Broken Alloy Wheel
Welded & Repaired Broken Alloy Wheel
Dented Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel
Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Dent Repaired


Through a combination of hand-work and the use of our specialist wheel straightening machines, we can straighten wheels to repair dents, buckles and flat spots. 
We can also weld wheels to repair cracks and gouges, and to recreate missing segments of wheels. 
Some damage however cannot be repaired and could affect the safety of your vehicle. If we deem a wheel to be irreparable or dangerous, we will inform you as soon as possible and almost always before any work is done to the wheel – only on a very rare occasion will we begin working on a wheel before ascertaining it to be irreparable.

Structural damage (i.e. dents and cracks) often occurs to the rear of the wheel – in this case, repair work can often be carried out without the need for full refurbishment. If, however, the damage is located on the front face of the wheel, full refurbishment is typically required as the repair work and/or welding can visibly affect the existing paintwork or finish.
The Repair and/or Welding Process

Step 2  

Tyres, centre caps, balance weights, valves and TPMS sensors (if applicable) are removed from the wheels. 

Step 3  

The structural wheel repairs are carried out - i.e. dent removal/wheel straightening, welding of cracks and gouges etc. 

Step 4  

Any final repair work carried out, so that the wheels can achieve a good seal with the tyres. 

Step 5  

Valves, TPMS sensors (if applicable) and tyres fitted to the repaired/welded wheels.

The wheels are then balanced.

Step 6  

The repaired/welded wheels are fitted back onto the vehicle and centre caps are re-fitted.  

Step 1  

Wheels are removed from the vehicle.

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