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Ceramic polished Jaguar wheel
Ceramic polished Jaguar wheels
Ceramic polishing Jaguar wheel
Ceramic polishing Jaguar wheels
Ceramic polished wheel
Before & After - Ceramic Polishing - Jaguar wheel


Ceramic polishing is a time intensive 3-stage process. Wheels are passed through different grades of ceramic polishing media, in each of the three stages, to prepare and finally to polish the wheels to a mirror-like finish.

Our polishing machines can carry out this process on  wheels up to 24 inches in diameter. 

The timescale for ceramic polishing bookings depends upon the casting and condition of the wheels undergoing the process. A minimum of 48 hours is required for completion, but the process will take longer for wheels that are in poor condition and for wheels that possess a poor casting. Wheels larger than 21 inches (in diameter) and split rim wheels may also take longer to complete.  

An important factor to consider : Ceramic polishing leaves the bare metal of the wheel exposed. Therefore, in order to maintain the mirror-like finish, polished wheels require frequent cleaning and care. Extra care must also be taken when choosing cleaning products for polished wheels. Unsuitable products will very quickly damage and tarnish the wheel finish. 

Due to the very demanding care requirements of polished wheels, no guarantee or warranty is offered on ceramic polishing finishes. 

Please also note : Ceramic polishing may not be available during very busy periods. Please contact us for availability and advice.  

The Ceramic Polishing Refurb Process

Step 2  

Tyres, centre caps, balance weights, valves and TPMS sensors (if applicable) are removed from the wheels. 

Step 3  

Current paintwork/finish, all dirt and grime stripped from the wheels via chemical dipping.

Step 4  

Wheels are shot blasted to further clean them and to prepare the surface of the wheels.

Step 5  

Any structural wheel repairs (if required) are carried out - i.e. wheel straightening/dent removal, welding of cracks and gouges etc. 

Step 6  

Kerb damage (if any) is removed from the wheels and final surface preparation is carried out.  

Step 7  

Wheels undergo the 3-stage ceramic polishing process in our polishing machines.

Step 8  

Valves, TPMS sensors (if applicable) and tyres fitted to the refurbished wheels.

The wheels are then balanced.

Step 9  

The refurbished wheels are finally fitted back onto the vehicle and centre caps are re-fitted.  

Step 1  

Wheels are removed from the vehicle.

Sorry, Ceramic Polishing is currently unavailable

during these busy times.

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