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What damage can you repair?

We can repair dents, flat spots, scuffs, scratches, cracks, gouges and more. Some damage, however, cannot be repaired as it could affect the safety of your vehicle – after inspecting your wheel, we will tell you if this is the case. You’d be surprised though at what can be repaired. Take a look in our Before & After gallery for examples of what damage we can repair, and see our Repairs & Welding services page for more information on structural repairs and welding.  

What damage can you repair?

Can you change the colour and/or finish of my wheels?

Yes, we have a variety of colours that you can choose from. Have a look at our Colours page for examples of our popular colours, and take a look at our Before & After photos for examples of wheels which have undergone a colour change. We can also change the finish of almost all wheels to a powder coated finish or a polished finish (subject to service availability) and can change the finish of some wheels to a diamond cut finish, depending upon the profile of the wheel face. Please contact us for assistance and advice if you are interested in a change of finish for your wheels. In the meantime, take a look at our Before & After photos for examples of wheels which have undergone a change of finish – one customer had their painted Porsche wheels changed to a diamond cut finish and another customer had their painted Jaguar wheels changed to a polished finish.

Change colour/finish?

What is the refurbishment process?

The refurbishment process begins with the removal of the wheel(s) from the vehicle. The centre cap, any plastic wheel inserts (if applicable), the tyre, valve, TPMS sensor (if applicable) and wheel weights are then removed from all wheels requiring work. The existing paintwork, plus all dirt and grime, is then stripped from the wheel via chemical dipping. For further cleaning, and to prepare its surface for the refurbishment process, the wheel is then shot blasted. Any required structural repairs are then carried out, such as dent removal and welding. The less severe damage, such as average kerb damage, is then removed from the wheel and surface preparation is finalised. The wheel is then ready for the specific stages of the chosen refurbishment type - powder coating, diamond cutting or ceramic polishing refurbishment. Following the specific refurbishment stages, the tyre, any plastic wheel inserts (if applicable), the valve and TPMS sensor (if applicable) are re-fitted to the wheel. The wheel is then balanced, re-fitted to the vehicle and the centre cap is then, finally, re-fitted to the wheel.      

Process of refurbishment?

How long does the process take?

This is dependent upon a number of factors, such as the location and severity of any wheel damage, the chosen refurbishment type (i.e. powder coating refurb or diamond cut refurb, etc) and the booking type (i.e. drive in/jack-up booking or drop off/loose wheels booking). For standard wheels, which are not extensively or severely damaged, our normal timescales are as follows: 


  • Diamond cut refurbishment jack-ups (drive in) - Overnight/24 hour service.

  • Powder coating refurbishment jack-ups (drive in) - Same day service.

  • Structural repairs and/or welding only jack-ups (drive in) - Same day service.

  • Loose wheels (drop off) for structural repairs and/or welding only, or any refurbishment type (except for ceramic polishing) - We aim to have the wheels completed within 24 to 48 hours of their scheduled booking date. As jack-up bookings take priority, however, loose wheels may take longer to complete during very busy periods. We will advise you if this applies to your loose wheels booking. 

  • Ceramic polishing refurbishment - Please see the Ceramic Polishing service page for timescale details. 


Please note: imitation split rims, wheels that are 22 inches in diameter (or larger), wheels that currently possess a more chemical-resistant coating than average, and wheels that are extensively damaged, may take longer to complete.

How long process?

Can you repair and/or refurbish steel wheels?

Steel wheels cannot be manipulated in the same way that alloy wheels can be. Possible repair-work is therefore very limited on a steel wheel. Due to their composition, steel wheels also cannot be diamond cut. They can, however, still be powder coated. A high quality powder coating finish can therefore still be achieved, as long as the steel wheel is in good structural and cosmetic condition. 

Steel wheel refurb?

Can you refurbish chromed alloys?

A chromed wheel, also referred to as a chrome-dipped or chrome-plated wheel, possesses several layers of metal plating atop the wheel itself. Wheels that are truly chromed - not just polished or painted/powder coated to a chrome-like appearance - must therefore be professionally de-chromed before we can carry out any refurbishment work. De-chroming can typically only be completed by a company that provides a chroming service, as it requires their specialist equipment and chemicals to remove all layers of plating. Chroming and de-chroming, however, can weaken wheels. Wheels that have been chromed may therefore be unsuitable for refurbishment, following the de-chroming process. Any de-chromed wheels that have maintained their structural integrity and have not deteriorated whilst chromed, however, can be fully refurbished by us. 

Chromed Alloy Refurb?

Can you refurbish split rims?

Our fantastic new powder coating equipment streamlines the refurbishment process, allowing us to provide a superior powder coating finish with a very quick turnaround. Unfortunately, however, the way in which this equipment functions means that we can no longer offer split rim refurbishment. If your split rim wheels only require structural repairs and/or welding however, without the need for full refurbishment, we may still be able to repair and/or weld your wheels - provided that they don't need to be split into their individual segments to carry out the repair work. 

Split Rim Refurb?

What guarantee do you offer?

We provide a 12 month guarantee on all of our powder coating finishes. In the unlikely event of any defects in our work we will rectify the issue without any cost to you. This guarantee covers the full powder coating refurbishment finish, as well as the powder coating base coat and lacquer on wheels that have undergone diamond cut refurbishment. 
This guarantee excludes damage caused by the customer (i.e. kerbing wheels), any third party (i.e. poor wheel and/or tyre removal/fitting by a garage), the use of knock-on wheel weights, poor road conditions (i.e. stones, debris, potholes, etc.) and damage caused by inappropriate cleaning methods, products and/or corrosive cleaners. The guarantee also excludes any corrosion that occurs as a result of any damage, and excludes any filiform corrosion that appears in diamond cut wheels, howsoever caused. For full guarantee details, terms and conditions, please see our
Terms & Conditions of Service.

Guarantee Offered

Do I need to book my wheels or vehicle in?

All vehicles and loose wheels should be booked in with us, in advance, to ensure the smoothest service provision possible. To make a jack-up (drive in) booking for your vehicle, or to book your loose wheels in, just give us a call or drop us an email. It is usually possible to bring your vehicle or loose wheels in to us the day before your booking date, if more convenient for you... Very handy if you live quite far away or simply just dread an early morning rise! Please contact us to confirm availability of advance drop-off for your vehicle or wheels.

Need to book?

Can you fit new tyres to my wheels?

Yes, of course. Although we don't supply new tyres, we can fit any new tyres that you supply. We are also happy to to accept delivery of any new tyres that you order online. If having new tyres delivered to us, please ensure that you have contacted us, prior to ordering, to confirm our forthcoming business hours. Please also ensure that your name is shown in the delivery address, so that we know who the tyres belong to. The tyres must also be delivered before the date of your wheel repair/refurbishment booking, as we are usually too busy for unplanned storage of vehicles or wheels and therefore cannot keep your vehicle or wheels long after completion of the repair/refurbishment work.

If having new tyres fitted, we can also dispose of the old tyres for you, for a small charge. As tyres cannot legally be disposed of in your household waste bins, or at landfill, they can be a hassle to dispose of correctly. Let us take care of disposal, hassle free!

Please note: We only fit tyres, free of charge, to wheels that are booked in for repairs, welding or refurbishment. 

New tyres?

Do you replace tyre valves?

We replace all standard (non-TPMS) rubber valves, free of charge. We can also replace most types of TPMS valve, for a small charge, subject to stock availability at the time of your booking. As they are chargeable, we will not replace TPMS valves without obtaining customer consent beforehand. We always aim to provide a cost-effective service and therefore will re-use your vehicle's existing TPMS valves if they are still in good useable condition, unless you specifically request new replacements. 

Replace valves?

Do you balance wheels after refurbishment?

We provide a free complimentary balancing service for all wheels that we repair or refurbish (at the time of the repair/refurbishment booking only). We therefore balance all repaired or refurbished wheels in a jack-up booking, and we balance all loose wheels with tyres - free of charge - except for some steel wheels and some rare special-case alloy wheels. As knock-on wheel weights can compromise a wheel's coating, we only use adhesive wheel weights. We therefore may not be able to balance steel wheels that typically require knock-on weights. Rare special-case alloy wheels, which possess smaller than average or larger than average centre bore sizes, may not fit onto our wheel balancing machine - wheels cannot be balanced if they cannot be properly and securely mounted on our balancer. We will advise you though if your wheels fall into this rare category.

Balance wheels?

Some other things to consider (e.g. centre caps, bolts)...

If you've booked your wheels in for refurbishment but have grubby or corroded centre caps, rusty wheel bolts or damaged plastic inserts, replacing these old grubby items would complete the like-new look, following your wheel refurbishment. Although we don't provide any of these items, we would be more than happy to fit any new parts that you provide on the day of your booking. You should be able to source any of these wheel accessories from your vehicle make dealership, a motor parts store, or online. PS: You may also wish to source new centre caps in a different colour - especially if you have silver centre caps and are having your wheels coated black, or vice versa! 

Bolts, centre caps, etc...

What about the environment?

Our refurbishment does not harm the environment. The dust and debris created in our blasting and coating processes are filtered; any waste produced is then disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.  

As we carefully select an appropriately registered and accredited tyre waste management company, all tyres are also disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner - with most tyres being recycled or re-purposed. 

We also actively recycle all other general business waste.


Does the condition of my wheels affect the value of my car?

Yes - if you were looking to buy a car, and saw two identical cars, it is only natural to buy the one with perfect wheels.  Our colleagues in the motor trade tell us that a car with poor wheels can be worth £500 less!

Value of car?

My car is on PCP or from a leasing company.
How much will they charge me for damaged alloys?

If you damage the alloys of your lease car, the lease company will charge you for new wheels from the manufacturer.

This could potentially cost in excess of £1000. We can return your wheels to showroom condition for a fraction of that cost.

PCP or lease

How do I keep my lovely refurbished wheels clean?

To maintain your newly refurbished wheels, we recommend cleaning them weekly with a cleaner that is acid-free and pH neutral. A mild car shampoo, or even just warm water with washing-up liquid, should be sufficient for cleaning if performed weekly. If you do choose to use a wheel cleaner, in addition to choosing an acid-free pH neutral product, any product which states that it may not be suitable for powder coated or un-lacquered surfaces should be avoided - although it may not be acidic, this product could still contain potentially harmful chemicals. Regardless of your choice, all products - even soapy water - should be completely rinsed off of your wheels, after cleaning, with clean water. If you find that your wheels often become covered in an excessive amount of brake dust, you may also wish to research the use of wheel sealants or waxes. A good sealant or wax can help prevent dirt and dust from clinging as ferociously to your wheels and therefore make cleaning easier. Again, care should be taken in selecting a suitable sealant or wax and care should be taken in the application and removal of any sealant or wax. 

How clean wheels?
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