Loose wheels – Wheels that have been removed from the vehicle by yourself. The tyres can still be on the wheels. We will remove the tyres and re-fit them when complete.
Jack Up – When you bring your vehicle in to us and we then jack up the vehicle, remove the wheels and re-fit the wheels once refurbishment is complete.
  How do I book my wheels or vehicle in?   How long does the process take?   What about the environment?  
  To book your vehicle in as a jack up, just give us a call on 01292 678889. If you would like to bring your wheels in loose, there’s no need to book in advance - just drop them in at any time during our open hours. If you reside in the Dumfries and Galloway region, you also have the option of our Collection Service for
loose wheels.
  This is completely dependent on the level of refurbishment required – for loose wheels, we aim to have them completed by the end of the next working day (excluding Saturdays). For jack-ups, we offer a same day service. For timescale details on our collection service, please see the Collection Service page.   Our refurbishment does not harm the environment. The dust and debris created in our blasting and coating processes are filtered; any waste produced is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.  
  Can you change the colour of my wheels?   What damage can you repair?   What guarantee do you offer?  
  Yes, we have various colours that you can choose from. Have a look at our Colours page for examples of our popular colours, and take a look in our Gallery, where a customer changed his Bentley wheels from silver to gloss black.   We can repair scuffs, scratches, cracks and gouges. Some damage cannot be repaired and could affect the safety of your car. However, you’d be surprised what can be repaired. Take a look in our Gallery for examples of what damage we can repair.   We offer two guarantees. Firstly, we guarantee that you will be delighted with the finished result. Secondly, we guarantee the quality of our work for 12 months. In the unlikely event of any defects in our work we will rectify the issue without any cost to you.  
  Does the condition of my wheels affect the value of my car?   My car is on PCP or from a leasing company. How much will they charge me for damaged alloys?   What is the best way to keep my lovely refurbished wheels clean?  
  Yes - if you were looking to buy a car, and saw two identical cars, it is only natural to buy the one with perfect wheels. Our colleagues in the motor trade tell us that a car with poor wheels can be worth £500 less!   If you damage the alloys of your lease car, the lease company will charge you for new wheels from the manufacturer. This could potentially cost in excess of £1000. We can return your wheels to showroom condition for a fraction of that cost.
  We recommend you thoroughly clean your wheels at least once a week with the use of a cleaner that is pH neutral, as well as acid free, to maintain your newly restored wheels.